Why KALS, for Application Support & Maintenance Services?

Today, there are many businesses which struggle to face various operational challenges. It has become important for every company to concentrate on their core competencies. According to the various needs of the clients, the required services are customized based on their needs.

Why KALS for Application Maintenance & Support?

KALS Information System Ltd, partners you with a professional Application Maintenance & Support team, to keep maintenance & support optimized to the latest needs, and helps the organizations and businesses track and reach their goals. Managing all aspects of the business cycle & finance itself can be a time and resource consuming affair. Investing huge amounts of resources to run an effective IT function can become tough in such a scenario.

It is also true that recruiting & retaining skilled professionals is quite difficult. It is a good idea to get experienced, responsible professionals & get affordable services to help run the IT function in a cost effective manner. KALS Application support services have helped many an organization with the following scenarios in this context:

  • Lack of Vendor support for software support & maintenance
  • Current systems are not sufficiently documented enough for future enhancements / changes
  • Non-availability of skilled manpower to handle complexities, etc.,

With KALS working on your application support and maintenance services, your organization will be able to handle all the crunch situations. KALS widely believes in treating employees in a manner similar to how they expect their employees to treat their customers. This has ensured that there are no KALS complaints to be found on the internet. They have a successful track record in providing efficient service for International Customers in South-East Asia in the following areas:

  • End-to-End Managed Services for IT departments – Gap Analysis, Programming and Implementation Support
  • Software Implementation & Production Support for Back-office Administration Systems
  • Map software technology platforms to business function requirements & advice on a cost effective approach, etc.,

The organizations or businesses that team up with KALS will get the following benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Approach
  • Flexible Offerings / Services (Onsite/offshore)
  • Proven & Well-established processes for Software Maintenance & Support, etc.,

Irrespective of your requirements, rely on KALS’ experience and expertise and partner with them for their application support and maintenance services. To learn more about their application and maintenance services, check out http://www.kalsinfo.com/application_support.php.

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Author: KALS Information Systems Ltd

KALS INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD is an established Software Products & Services organization in Bangalore, with a successful, International, Pan-Asian experience in Software Development & Technology Services. We offer unique range of Software Development, Transition and Migration Solutions to help large end-user organizations meet a variety of challenges. We have got a 15 year successful track record in servicing industries such as Financial Sevices, Government, Telecom, Security, Manufacturing & Distribution.

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